Jan 2024

New ‘Home-Lab’ My home lab is a bit silly – multiple rack servers, laptops, other computers, and a blade server… […]

July 2023

Week 27 Not really sure what I got done this week, a day doing preprod and then some work on […]

June 2023

Week 23 IPAF training – missed my renewal so had to do a 1 day course 🙁 only doing 3a/3b/pav […]

May 2023

Week 18 A few meetings, getting some schematics sorted and some time on Project M. I spend some time moving […]

April 2023

Week 13 -15 I now own a chrome book…. for testing some bits of code on. I briefly looked at […]

March 2023

Week 9 (continued) Another day onsite streaming an event. Bit of time on Project M – working again on the […]

February 2023

Week 5 (continued) Hit a milestone on the house DIY. Not much to say publicly. Installed a new WordPress theme […]

January 2023

So it’s the start of the new year and this year I’m going to update this ‘blog’ at the end […]