Google Image search – by image…

Google Image search by image is a different way of looking for information. I have a logo of something which no words, just a mono image. This is the first time I’ve noticed i could search this way and i’m hoping i can find out the name of the company from this logo image i have.

Google image search by image

Google image search by image

So it’s simple, being Google, well not really. The first image I’ve uploaded had a lot of background (wood table) in it and rather than scan the image for the black and white image it’s just picked up the table. It showed me many wooden products – but nothing that i’m quite after.

So I’ve now manually edited the image and re-uploaded it, without any table. Essentially this image is a heart with a outline. The results now include   many monochrome images of various things from toy dogs to ipod-esk chargers. Still there was one or two images that had hearts in them, so not all bad.

Even when adding descriptive words that i know link the logo to the company i got nothing of value back.

To summerise; Google image search by image is a neat idea that for common images but not quite there yet.


Try it urself; here’s an image –



no jigsaw pieces come up in the top results, but a lot are orange.


A simple Arduino DMX controller

So recently i was testing some old Clay Paky Pin Scans with a friend and i reached for a simple 6 channel DMX controller we had in the workshop – only to find that it was broken :(. So i thought to myself how hard can it be to make one? After all it’s simply some faders (potentiometers) some A/D and a chip to read the values and convert them to DMX code and transmit them. SIMPLE.

Well actually yes it is. Arduino offeres an open source platform for doing this and best of all – the hard work has already be done. shows work that others have done and DMXSimple is an install-able library that makes the sending of DMX well, simple! Continue reading