August 2023 – Jan 2024

Week 31

3 days on site streaming and then 2 days on Project P. and then to finish off the week I made some cake. Oh and I looked over the hardware for the tally project. Some 22 and a 100 ohm resistors, a RGB common anode LED and an Arduino Nano 33 IoT. got the wifi working and he LED, so just need to do some glue to make that work. Posted 5 YouTube Video’s this week.

Week 32

2 days on Project P, then a day on MHFA, a trip to ikea, cutting of the grass, and other bits and bobs about the house. stuck a few bits of kit on eBay/FB marketplace, and stared work on a prototype battery powered RF connected speaker. So far got a small class D amp working, and then looked into the battery tech, with some parts on order.

Week 33

2 days MFHA, a day on Project P.

So I did something kwl with a dev machine – restarting nginx using apache+php without running anything in any elevated mode…. The reason should be obvious as to why this is cool.

so, /etc/sudoers add;
www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/systemctl ******

you can test command with
sudo -u www-data sudo /usr/bin/systemctl ******

from php
echo shell_exec(‘sudo /usr/bin/systemctl ****** && echo 1’);

… And that’s as far as i got.

Welcome to 2024, alot has happened – mostly work. Hopefully i’ll keep on top of this in 2024 – which is pretty much what I said years prior.