May 2023

Week 18

A few meetings, getting some schematics sorted and some time on Project M. I spend some time moving my chunking upload code to a new semi-permanent host.

Brought a sit-stand desk for the home office. it’s taking a bit of getting used to but I think it’ll be good for me long term.

My chromebook can do 4k DCI and UHD outputs, but not at 60hz – I guess it’s HDMI 1.4.

Week 19

So this week I’ve been at ShopTalk Europe as HoD video for the main stage.

Had some deliveries – Some 40GbE cards for a project 😉 With the usual MTU iPerf 1Gb usually tops out at about 940Mb/s, 10G at 9.3Gb/s and 40G at 37.5Gb/s (with -P 4). Using iPerf 2 and my script that i’ve published previously. Have some updates to make it a bit more stable also.

Interestingly the 10 year old CPU could push alot more if I needed it too.

CPU maximum 12 core so -P 12 added to commands.

Also accidentally found people actually referencing my script…. and someone complained that is was only for 10 seconds. OK fine – I’ll add some more args for threads, time and MTU. Version 2 now exists.

Week 20

Spending most of this week in Manchester building LED walls, and vMixing. Here’s one/four behind me floating in the air;

5m sides, 3m depth, 240 panels, 2 Novastar CVT4K on 2 MCTRL4k’s. Fully redundant signal from my DA.

Finished off the week with a small video on how to have looping sections within a powerpoint deck.

The ultimate holding slide deck in PowerPoint with LOOPING sections for Events

Week 21

This week I started off with a day of coding for project M, adding a cloning feature and a few other small code improvements.

And then on site running video switch, graphics, and timer for a less complex gig.

Most important part of the gig – the timer.
The opening session for my room, ‘Should I delete that?’ – a packed 500 ish seats.

Week 22

This week I was away – so not alot to say.

Had a issue on my iPerf script – so did a GIT Pull merge commit thingy to fix it.

Took a delivery of another couple dual 40Gb NICs and some more single 10Gb NICs, all fun and games/work.