April 2023

Week 13 -15

I now own a chrome book…. for testing some bits of code on.

I briefly looked at some FFmpeg code to record RTSP camera feeds in segmented files. This is to replace a never really worked right to start with shinobi CCTV install.

My thinking for this would be a system d service that kicks off a monitoring node.js instance, that kicks off an instance of the recorder for each camera that doesn’t have one running. and then the user interface is handled by a standard instance of apache with PHP, using a json file for storing camera info, and the files just saved as files for the camera recordings. video.js video player in the front end. and only viewing the recordings.

A console took a (software) tumble. Chamsys MQ80 – ‘starting version 219’. is how it started. Which looks like a system service is failing to start…. I managed to jump terminal and then log in and then did a lsblk, and df -h/du -lh to see that /dev/sda1 was indeed at 100% and therefore unwritable, which explains things somewhat. interesting, to me, to see the console running ubuntu 15.04 underneath. booting into a recovery mode gave a ‘PV: can’t write to disk’ error but the software kinda booted till it didn’t…. Interesting one to troubleshoot, but solution was to image a new disk with a fresh OS.

A day building 2 led walls, 120 panels, nothing special.

week 16

Back to normal this week, and kicked it off with some updates to Project M, aiming to get a new UI fleshed out from start to finish this week amongst other life things.

Some dev on some other commercial projects and lots of updating schematics and docs for future work projects. Did some more book reading and finished the book I started in Jan.

Week 17

A few days prepping a job, 3 resolume machines, Led processors and an Analog Way aquilon. Some work on project M and some more work on my quick upload now using chunks, it’s using async Ajax so I need to fix that as it’s deprecated and also stopping the progress bar I want to add.