March 2023

Week 9 (continued)

Another day onsite streaming an event.

Bit of time on Project M – working again on the client side.

FFmpeg behind PHP – cutting a video up (very fast without a transcode) and getting info using FFprobe.
also wasted some time geting the EBU R128 Normalisation values from the file… might be useful one day 😉 (-9 cd, -14 spotify, -23 EBU)

Week 10

A couple days on site driving some screens with PPT, Slido, Clock and remote zooms, from an Analog Way Pulse2-3g.

Needed a countdown clock on this, but wasn’t really anything out there to use that was non ad supported or branded. I get it, but maybe I should write something to fill a gap. .

So filling full screen is simple with the JS method of ‘requestFullscreen’ and I’ve just discovered that you can apply this to a div, rather than the whole document.

This job also reminded me of another project that never got finished, a super simple audio interface with balanced XLR connectors that are phantom tolerant. Maybe I’ll pick it up again and finish it.

Had a play with my z420, need to load test it for another project and I’m sure it can do what I need but we’ll see. I really like the motherboard because it has the c602 chipset. I’ll nerd out about it in a separate post.

And a casual work stream to TikTok.

Week 11

Spent 2 hours on the basic clock – it’s now ready to release, just waiting for a domain to update and good to go. let me know if something obvious is missing or any tweaks you can think of. It took almost as long for the security cert to come through than it did to code this up :/.

Got a lovely email in my inbox – Milestone achieved – Pull request approved on a public project with 700 forks and 2.8k stars. Completely forgot I submitted that pull request 8 months ago.

Spend some time putting together an AJAX updated for project M, it’s bold take on writing my own rather than use a library, but a challenge worth the effort, especially for the lean codebase.

Had a couple of days onsite supporting a 100ish panel Unilumin Upad IV wall, had some interesting time with some colour balancing of panels, by interesting I mean software not working as it should… Nova.

The rear of some Unilumin panels.

Added some more features to the countdown clock; it’s now got colour options at certain times, the ability to blink, and pass a message to the 2nd tab.

Edited a few old unfinished video’s.

Spent (too much) some time working through some not 100% working CN1100E NIC’s. Weird that in Linux, they just work, but windows 10, driver hell. They have to be in a specific ROM or personality to work.

Week 12

Week 1 of 2 busy weeks, 6 days out on site or elsewhere doing prep. Mostly finance and insurance streams.

one of the machines, but not the one I was running vMix from.

Week 13

Another busy week, 5 days on site at Bett, and then two days of just life catching up.

At Bett we used the countdown timer in the wild, lots of ideas to add came up – I also posted about it in the countdown users group. Seemed to go down well as page has been loaded a fair few times. v3 will need a new timing engine, but it’ll be worth it to add what I’ve got on the list.

v2.1 after a minor UI bug fix
3 projection surfaces, 4 DSM’s
Aquilon Control – I wasn’t the op, just HOD.

And that’s the end of the first Quarter. Somewhere in there I did spend some time of Aquilon Tally stuff too, just can’t remember when.