July 2023

Week 27

Not really sure what I got done this week, a day doing preprod and then some work on my Q-SYS exam.

Week 28

Busy week this one with 5 days on site doing streaming and LED walls.

Week 29

Another busy week with 5 days doing work stuff, had a day playing around with Dante stuff, so will make some videos on that shortly.

The question of how much power and data Stream Decks use has been nagging me for a while and something tips that curiosity over the edge this week so I had to find out.

To get the USB data numbers I used Ubuntu Linux, companion and usbtop. To install; sudo apt install usbtop, sudo modprobe usbmon, sudo usbtop…. WIN.

Week 30

3 days of catching up and then back to work looking after 10 laptops doing streaming and digital glue tasks.

Re-visited the CCTV project; it filled up the SSD and caused a small issue… so;
I made a script that finds the size of a folder;
I have one that shows freespace already;
and another one that deletes the oldest file in a folder.
deleting a file in the sequence that ffmpeg is recording to (same sequence, different file) doesn’t kill ffmpeg.

I’m always learning and this week someone left a comment mention ‘made conditioning’ in relation to fiber splicing. This is new to me and cracking to know.

Week 31

And that’s it, it’s off into august.