June 2023

Week 23

IPAF training – missed my renewal so had to do a 1 day course 🙁 only doing 3a/3b/pav this time and didn’t use the others from last time). 100% – don’t mind if I do.

Did a fair bit of work on Project M – mostly trouble shooting.

Car shopping – electric – is it worth it? Probably not for us right now, Rowan Atkinson had a good article around this time as to some of the reasons.

A day on site building 480 panel, external facing hollow cuboid – very nice.

External facing hollow cuboid – 480 Unilumin UpadIV

Then I spent some time reminding myself (read as wasting) about why network link aggregation is complex and I don’t really like it. I then did some testing on some cheaper storage stuff, trying to get cost’s down on higher speed storage.

Made a couple Opticalcon DUO LC to fly lead thingies.

Overall feels like a not done allot week.

Week 24

Built a couple of 90 panel LED walls, with a 2deg concave every 500mm tile. Gives me an idea for another web based tool to build.

And then onto a couple days of streaming – looking after the config of 5 rooms each with a couple Panasonic PTZ’s, Vmix, ect and opping one of those streams.

An actual day off, doing no work and then a day on an in for a show next week.

Week 25

On site for InfoSec Europe show at ExCeL, looking after video for the keynote stage with two 5x3m LED walls, and a couple of relays and DSM’s. Running a Aquilon switcher, with companion for control.

A quick tip from on site…

Got some time to work on Project M so re-wrote the page interaction Ajax stuff and tweaked where and which elements the TeX JS post processor runs on.

Also had some time to look into my CCTV situation – I’ve given up on the open source projects, it’s not hard, so i’m writing my own – so far I have written the recorder scrips, and a playback viewer page. so much more to do to make it meet the minimum needed functions but a working PoC none the less.

And then onto another awards show – 4 PJ’s, 2 in a 3:1 blend, quick early load in and not the easiest to get good PJ positioning with converging truss and surface lines. Had to resort to Bezier Curves to get the 600px soft edge to blend nicely.

A vIew from the switch seat.
A slightly different blend to usual.

And then a weekend catching up with sleep and life, a bit of coding and stuff that got missed in the week.

Week 26

Monday building 2 seminar rooms, installing a couple routers, one for a printer and the other for a NAS.

Tues LED wall(s) – another external facing hollow cuboid from Unilumin UpadIV, this time only 32 panels, and ground stacked on a plinth.

Wed a zoom call to look after.

Thurs/Fri, Qsys L2 training.

Created a little problem solving tool that takes the CSV from a TinySA spectrum analyser and converts it into a CSV that Shure Wireless Workbench can read. Very useful – https://production.graphics/tools/ mostly just cleaning up padding, formatting and changing the Hz to MHz.

Sat Sun -> Time to myself.

That’s half the year….