Power distribution (rack PDU)

So for a while now I’ve wanted to have some rack distro’s. Professionally they make a huge difference to the easy of use, reliability and safety of your kit, not to mention they look nice. Usually I would be using some Kelsey or VDC 2u 32a rack distro’s with some 13a outs, RCD/MCD, and through connectors. I’ve looked around on the second hand market and they don’t pop up often (for good reason) so thought rather than spend a large sum of money I don’t have on some to give making one a go. What a mistake.

I thought 2u panel, 16a in and out, some metal clad sockets – how hard can it be? well actually quite. Here’s the finished project and I’ll explain lower why it’s so poor.

Rack PDU front


rack PDU rear

rack PDU rear

Problem 1 was fixing the back boxes to the 2u panel – i used rivets and i think this is the best cheap way.

Problem 2 was that the depth of the cheap metal clad back boxes didn’t allow me to mount a 16a panel plug/socket in the back of one and a socket on the front. I got around this by adding a layer of 12mm ply as a spacer between the rack panel and the back box. Even then it was still tight. (I’m tempted to say this is even a fire risk!)

Problem 3 was mainly me being a mug and not buying a hole punch/cutter for the 16a so i used a drill and a dremel. **writes mug on forehead**

This is the end of this project and I certainly wont be attempting it again!