My Laser Cutter

So I’m making a cheap laser cutting device, powered by Arduino of course.

my laser cutter

My Laser Cutter

I’m planning on making movement part first, using 8mm steel rails and linear baring for the X and Y axis. Drive will be GT2 belt and pulleys from two stepper motors.

Once that’s nailed I’ll sort out communication between the device and my PC, along with adding some micro switches for calibration and as end stop feedback.

Next thing will be to install some temperature feedback devices, for each stepper motor, the electronics and the laser when it’s installed, along with fans to keep it cool.

Last thing will be to install the laser itself and a fan to blow compressed air onto the cutting area to clear debris.

Oh and then to make it all look nice and safe – make a box for the sides and top and have micro switch cut outs for the laser to prevent any harm to my fingers.

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