CNC router no more. I’ve decided….

… to make a laser cutter instead.

I’ve always wanted a laser cutter, but I’ve never really been able to afford one.

So i’m putting the CNC router on hold for the time being and building a laser cutter. It’ll have around a 1W laser and have a cutting bed of 600 by 800mm… which is quite big for a starter project.   I want to build it spending less than £300 on parts…. so cheaper than the CNC router too.

How hard can it be? Here’s a quick Google sketch up of my idea’s

my laser cutter

my laser cutter



Arduino based DMX DeMUX – Analogue – part 2

I realised I’ve left this project hanging a while now and that’s partly to do with he fact that the chips I was hoping to use didn’t arrive quickly then other things got in the way.

I’ve also hit upon two other snaggs,

  • The power supplied from the dimmers is not 10v, so this means adding in two power regulator circuits (one for 5v data and the other a 10v reference),
  • The chips will only do 0-5v, which obviously is no good for the 0-10v that’s required.

Never mind – this is still a project i’m working on – just a little more complex than I first thought.