Better analytics for Folding@Home…

… were needed IMO so, I decided to build my own and they’re now at it’s not a nice interface at the moment but the data is being collected in the background 🙂

The home page shows the top 10 teams for score and also for work units, the ten trending (not worked on this algorithm yet) and the ten newest teams with non zero scores/WU. Clicking on a teams name displays the teams info and some historic values.

Here’s how it works, 4 times a day data is pulled from FAH, then added to the database. New rankings for score and work units are then calculated. Once a day a history entry is generated and then in the background in batches (of 500 records) the score differences and that are calculated… basically lots of scripts running in the background, triggered by cron, and theres a table recording time, script and time taken and also if the script gets to the end or times out.

Things I need to do:

  • A nice interface
  • fix the efficiency of the differencing script…. it’s a massive fail atm. (indexing)
  • Need to add some basic site stats, days, records, size… queries per day and database use?
  • I will be adding some graphs in the future,
  • Signature thingy.

Oh and then I found: