Mining Electroneum

So today a coin is worth around 15p and electricity is 14p/kw/hr.

So first of all lets deal with the money side. I’m generating 900H/s using 365j/s (w) of energy. Scaling this upto a day’s hashing, thats 77MH/day and earns around 26ETN/day. It uses 8.76Kw/day which is £1.22/day. So the ETN is worth £3.90 and it costs £1.22 to generate. That’s a profit of £2.68 per day. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

So the hardware I’m using…. 2 old desktops and 2 old laptops.

PC 1 – Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 maybe? (has VM’s running on it which are more important than mining). Has a 750Ti installed. No AES NI support on proc.
PC 2 – Intel Core2 Duo (doesn’t do anything other than host a GPU (with the CPU mining also). Has a 750Ti installed. No AES NI support on proc.
Laptop 1 – Intel quad core? Has AES NI support.
Laptop 2 – Intel quad core? Has AES NI support.

Given that this was all old hardware, i’m not seeing any negative impacts of running this, and the extra heat is useful this time of year I think it’s a thumbs up for now.