So I’ve been working for a few weeks on this idea, and now I kinda have a working prototype. The idea is for a web based copy of something like the Gnome System Sonitor utility found in many Linux distro’s. I need it web based so I can install and monitor web server I don’t have root access (shared hosting platforms) while some rather intense scripts run. Here’s a quick clipping of my very prototype, prototype. Black is actual and red is 3 sample moving average. I admit it looks nothing like the Gnome System Monitor, but it’s a step towards what I want to achieve.



Things that I need to do next;

  • Change the PHP backend to a JSON responder, (think like AJAX)
  • Improve the p5.js front end to actually look and feel more like Gnome System Monitor.

My prototype code is available here; https://github.com/crazy-logic/webserver-system-monitor

Design note: want it to be JSON so that a user can mod the front end to monitor more than one system, and it seems sensible.

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