Hyper-V and Vlans

So I’ve now got 2 identical hosts running server 2012 datacenter, with VM’s on both. Now it’s time to get them talking to one and other. Simple right, just sit them all on ‘external’ virtual switches and they can use the physical network to talk to each other. Great except… I don’t really want my test environment hooked upto my live environment, not do I want to change my existing DHCP server settings or have two on the same broadcast domain!

So, Hyper V can use VLANs to segregate traffic. This is the way forward for me.

  1. 1 create a new VLAN for the test environment,
  2. tag the ports for the VLAN,
  3. put all VMs on the new VLAN…
  4. oh and change the management VLAN in the virtual switch manager for the hosts…

Groovey now I can talk to the host over my LAN (on VLAN 1) and the VMs can talk to each other on VLAN 200, but they as VLANs are completely segregated in terms of broadcast domains (for DHCP) and packets. Now I can set up a (virtual) router to bridge between them. PFSENCE time.