Windows Log Off Timer v2

Updated 9th Jan 2023.

So by request and because it seemed interesting (and I can’t find the old source) I’ve rewritten this application. The app is similar but different enough to be called a v2, written in C#, and is smaller at 6kB.

  • Logs a user off
  • Accepts an argument on run for a delay time in seconds
  • Displays an information MessageBox at 60 seconds or less

Anyway here’s the application. No warranty given with it. Running without an argument will just log you off…

logoff.exe (6kB)

It’s up to you how you deploy this to your users, I would suggest a shortcut in the start-up folder of the start menu maybe? The user needs to start the app, as it’s the user who starts the app who will be logged off. Oh and you can only close the app from the task manager.

Easiest way to crate the shortcut is to copy and then paste shortcut, then in the properties -> target add a ‘ 90’ to the end for 90 seconds timer. so it would be ‘\\blah\blah\blah\logoff.exe 90’.


Like 10 years old….

10 min log off (20KB)

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