Intelligent fixtures as follow spots

The other night while working on an event I though about this and well – “how hard can it be?”

So i’m currently designing and looking at building a tracking system (similar to the Martin TrackPod) that will allow the user to change a moving head or scanner fixture into a follow spot over DMX. I plan to be using Arduino for this project and If I can get the maths to work this will become a very advanced and feature rich project.

Stage 1 will be to create a input system to track the users input and produce DMX from it. (Did I mention I like Lego?)
Stage 2 will be to increase the interface features and add extra use input such as basic mapping and dim/focus input parameters.
Stage 3 will be to introduce wall mapping and multi-fixture support.

I’ll post again about this once the first stage is complete. ­čÖé

Update: Lego prototype with 2 pots attached.

Lego TrackPod

Lego TrackPod

Update: Lego prototype with 4 pots and cables attached. (A mess but it is only a prototype.)

Lego Trackpod with cables.

Lego Trackpod with cables.

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